Sri Lanka Experience

Project Overview

Are you looking for an incredible, unforgettable experience? This road trip around Sri Lanka is guaranteed to be just that! Taking you to four distinctly different regions, you will experience the true beauty of each aspect of this exotic country. In four weeks you will explore the absolute best things Sri Lanka has to offer. Beginning in Kandy you will start adapting to the cultural differences, even learning some of the language! A useful introductory meeting will tell you all you need to know about keeping safe during your stay and behaving appropriately according to the do’s and don’ts of the culture. Learning about the customs and beliefs of Buddhism is guaranteed to capture your interest, as will visits to precious temples. You’ll also have a taste of the delights of Sri Lankan cuisine, even making your own during a traditional cooking class. An Ayurdevic massage and a Kandyan dance performance should give you an idea of methods of relaxation in Sri Lanka. For the last three weeks of the project, you’ll be able to choose the activities you take part in. Your first choice is between a week of trekking or working with majestic elephants, while your second choice could see you either trekking or enjoying a week at the beach. With all these fantastic experiences on offer to you, the experience really will be unforgettable!

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Please Note: Projects start on a Monday, however you should arrive over the weekend on either Saturday or Sunday.


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What's included
  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Pick up
  • English speaking coordinator
  • Meals
  • Orientation
What's not included
  • Airport drop off
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccination
  • Visa

Project Itinerary

Introduction Week 1 – Monday to Friday

Truly a week to immerse you in the Sri Lankan culture, you’ll begin with a session about the do’s and don’ts while you’re travelling and how to keep safe. For women, there’ll be a few extra tips so make sure you’re paying attention! You’ll also be introduced to some facts about the people, their culture and lifestyle to help you settle in. Your cultural sessions will also include lessons about Buddhism, the mythologies and some language lessons. Building on these lessons, you’ll then visit temples including the Temple of the Tooth, enjoy an Ayurvedic massage and witness a Kandyan dance performance. You’ll also visit a spice plantation and try your hand at traditional Sri Lankan cooking.

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Trekking or Elephant Experience – Week 2


After a short introduction to the week’s activities, you’ll take a nature walk through Sigiriya Rock and Rose Stone Garden. The trek will then take you through local villages to see three historic temples in Kandy dating over 700 years. A day-long jungle walk through Kandy will open your eyes to the luscious green vegetation on offer in the area. Trekking into the Ambuluwawa hills, the protected forest area with its magnificent views over Gampola town are unmissable as is the visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens!

Elephant Experience

Early morning starts are a normal occurrence at the elephant camp as the animals need their feeds and bathing before the arrival of visitors. Bath time is guaranteed to be fun as the elephants enjoy playing in the water, and if you join in, you’re bound to get a soaking from their powerful trunks! You’ll be helping to prepare the logs and branches for the elephants’ meals and assisting to keep their environment clean. Working closely with the mahouts, you’ll find that the late afternoons and evenings will prove to be the best time for you to bond with these magnificent creatures.

Beach Week or Trekking Week – Week 3 & 4

The trekking experience is a great opportunity to visit some of the most important temples of Ambalangoda with the itinerary including seeing the sleeping Buddha and Ambalangoda’s oldest temple. You’ll also be taken on a river safari where you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular jungle vegetation. Alternatively you can organise your own activity or choose to relax at a local beach.

Opt to take part in Turtle Conservation as part of the Beach Week. Working days typically run from 9:30am to 3:30pm with a long break for lunch. You’ll be one of the privileged few who takes an active role in the care of these beautiful marine animals and their environment. The Beach Week also takes you on sightseeing trips to local attractions including the famous city of Galle, the Tsunami Museum, and the Natural Silk Factory. Before your experience ends with a relaxing swim and waterfall walk, you’ll be taken to see the process of manufacturing Moonstain mine jewelry.

** Please note: This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances. **

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