Culture Week Rwanda

Project Overview

Quickly become accustomed to Rwandan culture, and get to know your new surroundings with the Culture Week program. You will be introduced to the Rwandan culture through language lessons, culture sessions, cooking classes and sightseeing tours of this fascinating African country. You’ll experience real-life local culture and come to understand the daily ways of life here. We will take an informative stroll through the tiny rural village where the program is based, and you will get to know how to find everything you might need in the local village as well as the nearby city.

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The culture week will help you to get settled into the local area, and help you get up to speed on the all-important local customs and basic language. This week provides both a useful and informative jump-point into Rwanda as well as an enjoyable trip filled with sightseeing and days at the beach. We’ll introduce you to sights and experiences that you wouldn’t normally see in a guidebook, and you’ll have plenty of chances to take your travel off-the-beaten-track!

During the program, you’ll enjoy a full day of rest and relaxation at Muhzi Beach, where we will sunbathe, swim in the sea and enjoy our lunch outside in Rwanda’s fantastic weather. During the week you will also get the opportunity to visit our project sites, where you will get a first-hand introduction to the various projects that we operate in the area, and you will have the chance to try working a little on one of our placements. If you are staying on to work on another project in Rwanda, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the local area, village people and meet and greet with fellow participants.

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What's included
  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Pick up
  • English speaking coordinator
  • Meals
  • Orientation
What's not included
  • Airport drop off
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccination
  • Visa

Project Itinerary

During this week-long experience, you will have many opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture. We will kick off the week with basic culture introductions and a walking tour of the local village, to ensure you know where to find everything you need, as well as language and cooking classes on the second day to really bring you up to speed on Rwandan culture. Mid week we will get down to business and explore the local sights, city, and monuments through walking tours and museum visits. On Thursday you’ll get a healthy dose of rest & relaxation with a full day beach visit at Muhazi beach, then we will wrap up the week with an introductory visit to our projects in the area and an opportunity for you to try working on one of them.

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Each day begins with breakfast
Culture introduction and introduction regulations
Lunch time
Walking tour of the village – we will visit the center, local shops, the school, the church, and other useful landmarks.
Welcome dinner


Language class
Lunch time
Cooking class
Dinner (You’ll eat what you cooked in the cooking lesson!)


Sightseeing tour around the city center, plus visits to the supermarket, telephone shop, local market and bus station so you know where everything you might need is located
Lunch outside
Visit to a memorial museum
Visit handicraft shop


Leave to Muhazi Beach
Lunch outside in the beach area
Relaxing and swimming at the beach
Introduction to our projects


Visit to project sites and working there
Working at the placements
Evaluation of the week

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