Undoubtedly, Volunteer travel/ tourism has become one of the most trending ventures in the current travel industry. Lots of millennials, about 84%, according to a survey conducted by the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase in 2015, sign up for it each year and the number grows yearly.


Until recently, in 2019, the trend continues to show as many travel visas indicate. Each day, many aspire to be among the teams participating in such a voluntary activity. The reasons behind such exponential growth are key benefits participants enjoy while on the trip.


 Why is volunteering travel on top trend?


How wonderful is it to engage in a life-changing experience which fully opens your senses to perceive the world more differently. It is such an exciting, inspiring and amazingly awesome way to touch lives and change the lives of people you meet in different parts of the world that you visit.


  • It opens doors to experiencing different cultural lifestyles.


While abroad, you will learn quite a lot from your host family. Their language, types of meals plus their cooking styles and overall lifestyle you will experience that all. Also, in case they have festivals, you will see and experience all their preparation and perhaps learn more about their history. Generally, it will be such a different kind of world consisting of new experiences those that you never find during your regular holidays.


Different communities or countries you visit will always have their unique ways of life. By participating in what they do and learning how they operate offers you training on some life benefiting ideas you can grab. These would include medical aspects such as home remedies for particular illnesses.


  • Offers life-changing experiences


A volunteering vocation to a different part of the world can be such a life-altering experience. Life is never enjoyable everywhere around the globe. Some communities barely survive on limited food, social amenities, infrastructure, and diseases among many other circumstances. Upon experiencing such life, automatically you will have an altered perception of your existence.


The situation will humble you to view the world differently having observed the great suffering some parts of the world undergo. You might discover that happiness might not be the luxury house you live in but even a simple structure over your head and probably a plate of porridge for supper.


  • Offers a thriving ground for career and realization of one’s potential


Working on a single similar project over and again blocks our ways towards realizing who we are and our full capacity. It is until when we explore different dimensions of work zones that we can unfold our hidden skills and abilities which we never knew or recognised their existence before.


Volunteering travel helps in opening our eyes to see our capabilities. This is triggered by the constant challenge we face when we realise what others are doing or capable of in different parts of the world. It offers a full inspiration to any career – reminding us not to focus on one thing, but to diversify our abilities to create a better life for ourselves.